Frank B. Kellogg All School Reunion, 2019 Edition



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Kellogg Chargers T-shirts!

Posted by Pam Hewitt on April 17, 2019 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (79)

Pre-order your Kellogg Chargers commemorative T-shirt and pick it up at the reunion on July 27th." target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

2019 Reunion News

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The 2019 Kellogg All School Reunion is going to be bigger and better than 2014!

Time's a-wastin'. Buy your ticket TODAY!



The RSVPlea!!

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The committee has worked hard to plan this event

Truly, there are hours upon hours we've spent


How much beer should we order?  How about tables and chairs?

Not many RSVP's yet; seems like nobody cares.


Y'all said you were coming, so why not purchase your ticket?

Do us a favor and don't wait 'til the last minute!


It's a quick, easy process - a few minutes of your time

The committee will thank you, and end this dumb rhyme.

Register and buy your ticket here:

2011 Reunion Recap

Posted by Pam Hewitt on August 3, 2011 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (1)

The first ever Kellogg All School Reunion has come and gone.  We hope you were able to make it!  If not, here's what you missed.


We had a great turnout, with nearly 1,000 guests in attendance.  It was a special treat to also see some faculty and staff!


Despite the heat, some long lines, a severe thunderstorm, and a late night power outage, nothing seemed to dampen the fun atmosphere.  Ever resourceful, we Chargers made do with just cell phones for light and kept right on partying!  


For those of you who took photos, we invite you to post them in the photo album on our main website. ; Those who couldn?t make it to the reunion would love to see what they missed, so please share!  You can also post to Kellogg All School Reunion on Facebook.


On our website you will also find a chart showing the number of registered attendees by grad year, as well as a geographical map showing that classmates came from far & wide.  A list of registered attendees can be found at


The committee would like to thank everyone who registered early. Planning would have been easier if more people had committed sooner, but we?re still happy that so many classmates came out, if even at the last minute.  (Of the 824 that registered in advance, 475 of those signed up in the last 30 days, plus we had another 150+ at the door.)


We do apologize for the lack of beverage stations.  We fully intended to have at least four bars, but one of our liquor vendors pulled out at the last minute.


We would like to thank our sponsor, Growe Technologies, for offering the surprise entertainment, A Tribute to the King of Pop. The essence of Michael Jackson was brought to life by impersonator Luis Castillo of Legacy Live Entertainment.  Growe Technologies was founded by Kellogg alum Chris Thelen, Class of ?82.


This event could not have happened without the hard work of the committee, whose planning began several years ago once it was determined there might be an interest in an event of this scale.  Please thank the following people if given the opportunity:


In grad year order:


Robin (Lundgren) Graham ? 1972

Terry Gallagher ? 1973 (Golf Tournament)

Marcy Koren ? 1974

Sandy (Forliti) Farah ? 1974

Cindy (Dittel) Anderson ? 1976

Diane (Lindeborg) Benstead ? 1976

Jackie Drake ? 1976

Jane Forliti ? 1979

Martha Hoover ? 1979

Jenny (Grengs) Schulenberg ? 1982

Karen (Danks) Jorgensen ? 1982

Tom Connolly ? 1982

Pam (Biza) Hewitt ? 1985


We would also like to thank any volunteers who weren't on the core committee but who gave their time and energy when extra hands were needed.  Thanks also go out to everyone who helped promote the reunion in any way, whether it was businesses that let us leave magnets or posters; churches who posted to bulletin boards; and everyone who spread the word via social media.  We really did go viral!  Thanks also to the Guidant John Rose Oval for providing a great local venue and the Roseville Radisson for accommodating the out-of-towners (and late-night revelers!)


We sincerely hope that everyone had a good time making old connections and renewing some friendships.  You are welcome to add your own comments and stories to the Guestbook section of the website.


This was intended to be a one time only event, but.?(Give us your feedback.  Should we do it again in ??? years?)


Thanks again for coming!




FBK All School Reunion Committee

We need your help!

Posted by Pam Hewitt on November 21, 2010 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (4)

We need everyone's help to make this event a success.  The reunion committee is not mailing individual invitations to all the Kellogg classmates, as no such database exists.  Instead we are doing miscellaneous promotions, email blasts,  and mainly relying on word of mouth.

Please help us out by sharing this website link with as many Kellogg siblings and classmates as you can.  Feel free to promote on Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.  If you tell two friends, then they'll tell two friends, etc.  Anyone who attended Kellogg during its operating years is invited to attend, whether they are a Kellogg graduate or not.

If you were a reunion planner and have an email database for your class, please send out an email notice to everyone on your list.



FBK All School Reunion Committee